How to get to Purple Haze?

I know, Ima big dummy!

(FONT=Impact)(SIZE=7)(COLOR=purple) :unsure: Hey Ferazel's wand obsessers. I was wondering, if you could tell me how to get to Purple Haze. I have tried everything, and it's driving me mad. A little help please!

I guess we can talk about the 'secret' level now.

Purely from (my very bad) memory:

Start by going to O&E. Go up on the elevator type thingies. Go to the right. Go up. Go to the right.

You'll come to a chamber that has a tombstone in it. Throw a fireseed into the right wall and go into the chamber that will open up (takes about 4 fire seeds). There are some steps cut in the wall. Stand in front of the steps and jump up to activate the hidden passage door. You'll end up in another chamber - go to the left, jump down the tunnel. That'll take you to PH.

That's about all I can remember. (haven't played for a while due to it not playing well in Classic and not having a purely OS9 machine hooked up)

Have fun.

Try this Ferazel Walkthrough. Welcome to the boards. When you beat the game be sure to check out some of the third party level sets at and what's new at Ferazel's Wand creator, Ben Spees' website.