Off the Screen Bug

I'm reluctant to bother you with this, but it seems significant enough to report...

I wonder if anyone else had this happen? In the hang glider level, if Ferazel flies too high (in this case, it was to escape the flying dragons), he disappears off the screen and when I got him back, he came back in a blank he walked (not flying, but walking in the air), a blank tunnel grew with him and there were several Save Points, purple water, etc. as if he was trapped between levels. Eventually this level "exited" on its own.

Maybe this is similar to the hidden exit I found in the third level of the demo. In that case, if I dropped into the acid pit to the west of the first door, then try to swim east to reach the room with the resurrection necklace, the level ends complete with "Level Completed" and statistics box.

I'm on an iMac 350, 96 installed RAM with virtual memory at 124, running system 9.0.

Thank you. '=}


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anything can happen when you go off the screen...or get too high...

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He's been doing it elsewhere. I'll call a meeting or something.

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