how about another story?

Harryfan23 is journeying above the caverns and he sees what seems to be a bottomless pit, and he tries to jump across but falls into the caverns on spikes, and hurries off before they hurt him too badly, and sits in a ziridium pool. Some knife goblins attack him and he stays in the ziridium pool while fighting them. He jumps out and 5 axe goblins, 3 toadies, and 10 spiders attack him. They chase him back into the ziridium pool and he fights them. Now you guys try. I hope to see some great replies! Bye! 😉


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zamzx flys on his magic carpet, jumps high in the air and comes down wih his vorpal dirk through one of the axe goblins heads. zamzx jumps back on his carpet and says, "come Harry Fan, we must banish this great evil at all costs. Harry jumps on with zamzx and they fly off into the dark tunnel.