Parched Earth

I am hoping someone can help me get through the timed parched earth area. (Now I remember
why I usually play adventure games!) Cannons shooting straight up don't throw Ferazel beyond the end of the cannon about 70% of the time. This happens even if I have my hands nowhere near the controls! The "swim" under the wall through quicksand also costs me quite a bit of time.

I would appreciate any help with these two issues or any other suggestions!


Well, being myself Ferazel and having myself passed the Parched Earth after 2 tries, I have no suggestions but to practise. The cannons are indeed a real pain in the @$$ but you just have to press the "UP" arrow and right then the left arrow to go left. Just takes a bit of time though.

About the sand thing, I did it that way: I kept running on the left while Ferazel was dripping so that he could run immediately. As soon as he passed the wall I jumped/released the jump key until he was out. It takes you what... 10 seconds. I was at about 1:10 at this moment. Good luck, but do not despair: it's possible to do without running out of time at all!


Where you have to swim through the sand, go up on the wall that you have to pass under. When you get to the top, shoot at the roof 🙂

-- Jeff
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Thanks for the feedback. It only took you two tries, Aussie? I am impressed! I must have
spent an hour or two on it so far without even making it to the end!


But.... I am a computer geek....

Actually the Labyrinth helped me to quickly finish that parched earth trick. Don't laugh, but you must concentrate VERY much.

In case you wanna know, I broke 3 keyboards, 4 glasses and 1 mouse before I finished Ferazel.