Scent of Peril Question

I thought I posted this earlier, but I don't see it on the board... so forgive me if it shows up later and this is a duplicate.

I've finished fourteen levels, only one with a "perfect" score, which is no big deal because most are so convoluted that I expect it to take a long time to make most or all of the discoveries. I'm puzzled about the first level. It's not that difficult and I've gone over it and over it, and I can't figure out where the missing 20% of the secrets could be hiding. I can see a few xichrons which I can't get to, and there's a point at the beginning of the water on the upper level where I can hear huffing and puffing and growfing but can't see anywhere an enemy might be tucked away or a secret might be hidden. Is there a map somewhere which will tell me where the secrets are? This is driving me nuts!



Well, here's the solution:

Starting from the beginning of the level, pass the long pool of water. When you reach the end of the water, get up. Jump and fire up & left. The wall will break, letting you fight a goblin throwing stones and a few other things such as money. If you have the v-blade spell just stay at the very right of the water and shoot.

Hope that helps, and have a nice day!