Secrets or walktrough...


I was wandering if there is any web site where I could found a walktrough, or at least, the way to find every scret places in all levels. Theres, for now, only 2 levels where I found all secrets (and all the Boss's levels, of course), and for some levels, I can see the secret place, but I can't figure how to go there!!

I tried this site, (url="http://"")http://www.employees...~ereid/ferazel/(/url), but it seems to be an old-and-never-updated-since-the-last-century web site, and there is only the secrets of 2 levels... and guess what, exactly the two I was able to discover entirely by myself...

Oh, and is there any map of the different levels (I finaly found a map of the Labytinth...Yeah!!)

Thank in advance, and sorry for my bad english... 🙂



Bonjour, Veltor. Your english is WAY better than my french.

Try this site - it still isn't complete either

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Although my guide isn't complete yet, you will find that it is nearly finished. I have everything on the right and bottom of the map done. On November 4th, the desert levels will be posted and on December 4th, the remaining levels will be posted. After that, I'll have to find another game to make a guide for. 🙂

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