For Ben II

If you're still still around...

There are some objects that aren't in the editor but are present in the game. The main thing that comes to mind is the speed power-up. There's no menu item for it, and it can't be viewed in the editor, and yet it's in the game. How are these items obtained?

Which leads into my next question. What parameters set a timed level? How is the checkered sign inserted?

I understand if you remain too busy to answer. Innovation comes first!

I find it disturbing that Bush, a man with one-and-a-half terms of being a governor in a state that doesn't give that official any real duties, can consider himself qualified to be President. Is there a solution?

Hmmm... there may be some items that were added to the editor since the version you have (since that version was prior to the release of the game.) All you need to get the new items is a new "Editor Graphics" file. The sprite for any given object is stored in there as a PICT resource with a title -- the editor loads them all from the file and puts them in the menu accordingly, letting you place them and drag them around. In the most recent version of the editor, all the items in the final version of the game are present.


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