Wish List

I have a short wish list for Ferazel's Wand.

()A map feature like Harry the Hansome Executive has. A lot of times I see a place just at the bottom of my screen. Not enough is shown, so I can't figure out if I've been there already, but if I toggled on the Map, I could see that I visited the place already.
)The other item is a level editor. 🙂 I wish Ben had put the level editor with the game like Ambrosia has done in the past. But, I'm willing to work on a 3rd party editor as well.
Any other items to add to the wish list?

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I'd love too have an Editor also.

I hear there is one, but it's buggy and only a few people get to use it.
Maybe it should be released under GPL so other programmers could improve it.
I'd help.

May the schwartz be with you!

I wish there was a Vorpal Dirk behind an ice wall in "Purple Haze".
I wouldn't help the user much (An ice pick is better), and it would be realy cool.

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May the schwartz be with you!