Ferazel's Wand on OS X

Well, folks, I finally got around to opening up FW under OS X, and the results are very positive.

First of all, the sound support in Classic isn't all that it should be (remember, it is a beta, people) and almost nothing emits sound: Q3A is silent, but runs flawlessly, ICQ and GameRanger intermittently spit out some audio, and basically everything is mute. However , Ferazel's Wand had all it's sound (and music) playing in full glory. The only problem was that every so often the music would "mute" itself for a second or two, and then continue playing wherever it would have been had it not "muted". No biggie. The sound effects never cut out.

There were no problems with resolution switching. I'm assuming that's because FW uses Monitor_Tool and not DSp.

Oddly enough, when I quit the program, it wouldn't give me back my screen image. What I mean is, the screen was black, but I could still see the cursor. I know it wasn't locked up, because invoking the Force Quit dialog produced the alert sound that usually accompanies it. So, a hard restart was in order which was followed by OS X checking my disks for about 3 minutes during start up (who knows why).

Here's the strange part: after OS X started up again, I had a copy of the Ferazel's Wand Music folder on my desktop. The original was still in the FW folder, but now I had a complete duplicate on the desktop. Any ideas as to why? 🙂

Other than that, Ferazel's Wand doesn't need to be carbonized because it runs flawlessly anyways (oh yeah, the game was perfectly smooth)

That's all for now!

-- Jeff

Coolness. Thanks for letting us know this, Jeff.


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