Minor bug

I believe I just found a (very) minor bug in the game.

When Ferazel is underwater, if you pause the game and switch to another program, after you switch back in, the light blue gamma change is not reapplied. Like I said, it's something really minor and doesn't really need to be fixed (mainly because that situation will usually not arise) but I figured someone would like to know 🙂

One other interesting thing I noticed about the game that I never did before (it's not a bug though): if you turn off the music you can actually hear Ferazel breathing. Usually the music drowns this out, but I must say, I'm impressed, Ben - there really is a sound effect for everything 😛 I noticed this when testing to see if the sound effects by themselves (i.e. without music) sound as monotonous in FW as they do in my game when the music is turned off 😄

Anyhoo, that's all from me for now!

-- Jeff

Also another great detail with the breathing is that it becomes more rapid and louder when you do more things. (For example: Ferazel swam across a lake, jumped up and attacked a goblin, and then ran to jump on a series of ledges without stopping) By the end of that fiasco Ferazel is breathing real fast. The great detail put in the game is one of the reasons I bought it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have the lambs stopped screaming yet?