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In O&E; there is a transporter that goes to a room with catapult and some xichrons & a coin chest. (This is in the middle of the level - just before the rock that dissolves as you run across.)

The only way I can figure out to get to the transporter is to drop down and swim back through the acid. Obviously this does some damage to health levels. I can usually get to the transporter, but have been dying on the swim back.
Does anyone know of another way to get to or from the transporter without doing the acid bath thing? (There are some fire seeds obtained just before, so I thought that might be a clue, but haven't found a place to break through.)

Before I just gave up and skipped this but am trying to max out on this trip.



Hmm... I've never been able to figure out an alternate way to the teleport either, but it would be very helpful. I have figured out a way to get out of the acid faster though- Destroy all the breakable blocks over the acid at the first part, so you can swim through the acid then jump up and grab the left ledge with out bumping your head on the blocks. This works for me, and I've never lost over 3 health blocks total. Good luck! 🙂


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