A couple of questions-

  1. This might sound dumb, but which path did you guys take at Unemployed in Greenland first? I for one took the Eastern path.

  2. This is for Ben: Did you intend for there to be 2 different entrances to Purple Haze? Cause the one in the acid is kinda weird.

  3. Has anyone gotten more the 84% enemies in Unemployed in Greenland?

  4. How many Red Xichrons are possible in the game?

  5. Will there be another update to this game?

Thanks for your answers! 🙂


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You have to talk to Nimbo, just west, before you can visit the ruins and beating the Goblin Chief, further west, gives you Tree trunk and takes so little time. After that, I go east.
That exit in the acid is the same and only exit to Purple Haze.
I didn't get all the monsters OR secrets in Unemployed... I also only got 78% of the enemies in Obfuscation... There's a Dagger Thrower and a Sword Fighter above the regular exit you can barely Smite and only by using a mist potion could I see the Bee and Blob above them. My difficulties in the other levels I consider my poor play but these I think are bugs still unfixed.

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Hi, Cal - I took the Eastern exit, the same as you. Do you think it makes a difference which exit you go out first? That's an interesting thought 🙂

I was not able to get more than 84% of the Enemies in Unemployed in Greenland either. I think that's been true for alot of people.

I know your "acid pool" question was for Ben, but I accidently stumbled on that exit, too, and didn't even realize that there was a different exit until I had read this board and heard about the "real" exit. So, I wonder the same thing - did he intend for them both to be there or was the acid pool one a fluke, a joke, or just a little trick on us? MMMmmmmmm... 😉


As far as I know, its a level bug associated with the exit to the unmentionable level. From reading your post, it sounds like after finishing a multiexit level, that you've gotten all the paths leading from said levels. When you first used the acid pool exit, did you get both the Ruins and the unmentionable level?

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