The last area/flying throwing beasts

I have gotten into the room (ends of the earth) with the flying beasts that throw things at you. What is the best way to get past them or destroy them. I am very frustrated to get this far especially after the fire rooms I am at my wits end. Thanks


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Hello! I don't think anyone has ever managed to destroy one of these beasts, but you can damage them by deflecting the things the throw at you with your shield back into them. The statue spell is a good choice, if you are just trying to get by the part. Hope this helps.


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Are you sure Statue works? I tried all my spells and all were absorbed. I ended up doing a kamikaze run through the the beasts and swords, not forgetting the secrets in the ground, and not losing too big of a chunk of my life. OH, and I remember the twirling swords hurt them too if they float into them. And what about the Crab Claws!?!! They're immune to magic and seeds too! But they look just like Fire Guardians and should be beatable monsters. I only got %50 of the enemies on "Ends..."

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