Fire Hole/Frying Pan comments?

Hi...having lived in Parched Earth forever...I looked forward to the Flaming Fire Wall that i kept hearing about. It's all that was said...but I was disappointed in that I was unable to do much of anything except keep running to beat the fire. I saw lots of great stuff and enemies...but if stopped....became fried...deep fried! The same with the Frying Pan so far. My there a way to go back and slow the wall of fire down so that the level can really be enjoyed? A spell that i don't know about?

I love this game...and am concerned...what will I do when it's done!!!!!????

Withdrawal is such an ugly sight!


No way to slow down the fire wall that I know of.


Calvin Crane
"I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong!"

There's no way to slow it, but as you complete the level again and again (it's not that hard after the first time, but the first times is a doozy!!) it gets easier to collect all the goodies.