Ferazel's in duplication and will be shipping shortly. Go try the demo! It's available from:


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Or if you already have the demo (or the full version, once it starts shipping), check out my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide at (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url)

Please note this site is a work in progress and will have more information added as soon as it's available. Feel free to suggest questions and/or improvements to the site as you see fit.


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Two questions for Andrew (or another Ambosia person)-

Will installing the full game enable games saved in the demo version to be used?

Second - do you plan an update to the demo to fix the "no boomerang if you save at the start of level 3" bug?

And: thanks to Elizabeth for starting a Ferazel site!


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