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I'd been forced to put the Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide on hold temporarily due to... well, life outside of Teraknorn (hey, I was as surprised as you to find that it existed :)). But I'd like to get working on it again, so I thought I'd put in a fresh call for comments/compliments/complaints.

So here it is. Your chance to tell me all those great ideas you had. I'll take whatever thoughts anyone's had on any aspect of the site: new questions for the Q&A;, new sections, new design ideas, etc. Either post your thoughts here or email them to me at (url="http://"")

Do you want to add the walkthough for The Labyrinth that I wrote up? I could take the level map image that someone sent to you and draw up the path that the walkthrough takes so people can get a better understanding of exactly where I'm trying to send them (plus it would make a bit more sense than just reading through a text description)

-- Jeff

Feeling like a permanent resident of Parched Earth...i have made it passed the spike cannons to the orange blob on the ledge. If there could have been a save at the pink would save having to go all the way back and start over. It was forever to get to that point...and a little frustrating to have to start the whole sequence over. On whole....i love this game.


Hi, Elizabeth - I really like your site. It is laid out really nicely and the map was a big help to me!! One thing that I wish you had was more secrets for all of the lands - not spoilers, but just some hints would be nice. There's been alot of questions on this board that I would love to see added to your site. Hope you can add some things to the more difficult lands like Flash Freeze, Iceconoclasm, Ends of the Earth, Parched Earth, and The Dig. Those seem to be the biggest problem areas for people. Thanks for your effort on this to help all of us who reach that point where you start to go CRAZY and could use just one little hint to move on. It's a sanity-saver!! We've all been there. But, that's the joy of this game - right?!! 🙂


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