Xichra level bug

I know I saw this mentioned in another thread, but...

Sometimes when I'm fighting Xichra, my fire seeds start to get strange; that is they come from somewhere other than my hand (paw?). After a while it gets so they're being thrown below the floor and there's no chance of them hitting her. Getting killed and rez'd didn't fix it. Ben, this would be a really good one to look into.

Also, the first time I got to her lair tonight, I had 4 rez necklaces, yet when I got killed, they didn't work. Kinda frustrating, ya know?


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I posted about this before -- maybe a couple weeks ago. I had noticed that if you die on the ledge on the left or over by the wall, the rez necklaces don't rez.

Nif 😛


I've posted about the fire seeds before in response to someone else (Nif?) who said they had the problem. With me, the fire seeds start coming from the top of the screen instead of my hand. This has happened EVERY time I've tried to battle Xichra, usually I get through my 90+ Ziridium seeds and it starts happening a third or halfway through my 90+ fire seeds. I don't think I have a chance of beating Xichra without getting this fixed. I've been meaning to email tech support about it.


What kind of machine are y'all on? OS version? Could you send me a copy of your saved games to help@ambrosiasw.com? I'd like to try and reproduce the problem here.

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You know, I never really though about this (because I never used any fire seeds on Xichra) but the same 'problem' started happening with me, and I'm not so sure it is a problem. Because when it would happen for me, the seeds appeared to be coming from Xichra herself (you know, like she was trying to attack you with them). One thing's for sure, if you could knock her down when she was doing this, a whole bunch of fire seeds would land on her and take off some damage for you (or at least she flahes in the way she does when you hit her normally)

Does Ben have any difinitive answer on this? Perhaps he did mean for the seeds to come from Xichra?

-- Jeff