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Hey, I've beaten the game twice, and I've been really wanting to use those cool unimplemented items. How do I add items or spells to my inventory?

- Neil


I'm working on a saved game editor. I'll probably be ready to release a public beta by Monday. I have all the items/spells working (I think, I need to talk to my beta tester), but I still have to add gold and health and mana.

If anyone knows conclusively how health and mana work in the saved games (or you have a saved game where health and mana are maxxed out), email me ( works). I know which offsets have the data in them, but I don't know what the values should be set to exactly.

- David


Hey, for those of you that like to hack around in ResEdit, here's how to add stuff to your inventory (I took this from Game Doctor):

Use a resource editor (like ResEdit or Resorcerer) to open the saved game file. Double-click the "FWSg" ID #0 resource (the only resource in the file) to open it. Starting at offset 3C (hex), you should see a repeating pattern of five groups of four hex digits, similar to "0000 0001 FFFF 0000 0100". Each group represents a slot in Ferazel's inventory. The pattern repeats thirty times, since there are thirty inventory slots.

The first group of digits in the slot ( 0000 0001 FFFF 0000 0100) is the object type. The second group (0000 0001 FFFF 0000 0100) is the number of objects of this type, in hexadecimal. The third and fourth group (0000 0001 FFFF 0000 0100) should always be "FFFF 0000". The fifth group (0000 0001 FFFF 0000 0100 ) is "0000" for regular objects, and "0100" for spells.

To add an object to Ferazel's inventory, replace a slot with one of the following object patterns:

( sorry these are so cramped...the UBB apparently doesn't support tabs or more than one space in a row )

Empty Slot: FFFF 0000 FFFF 0000 0000
Dagger: 0000 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Steel Key: 0001 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Gold Key: 0002 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Plat. Key: 0003 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Magic Potion: 0004 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Health Potion: 0005 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Fire Seeds: 0006 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Locket: 0007 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Hammer: 0008 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Poppy Muffin: 0009 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Alg. Piece: 000A 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Alg. Frame: 000B 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Algermon: 000C 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Gwendolyn: 000D 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Shield: 000E 000A FFFF 0000 0000
M. Shield: 000F 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Smite Ring: 0010 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Escape Ring: 0011 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Ice Pick: 0012 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Multi Crystal: 0013 0004 FFFF 0000 0000
Light Orb: 0014 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Vorpal Dirk: 0015 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Xichrons: 0016 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Rez Necklace: 0017 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Fire Charm: 0018 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Mist Potion: 0019 000A FFFF 0000 0000
Zir. Seeds: 001A 000A FFFF 0000 0000

Fireball Spell: 0000 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Statue Spell: 0001 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Ice Crystals Spell: 0002 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Ice Wall Spell: 0003 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Tree Trunk Spell: 0004 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Boomerang Spell: 0005 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
VBlade Spell: 0006 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Ice Wall Spell: 0007 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Density Ball Spell: 0008 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Sandstorm Spell: 0009 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Energy Ball Spell: 000A 0000 FFFF 0000 0100
Ice Shards Spell: 000B 0000 FFFF 0000 0100

Ā• The number of objects for most of the items in the list is set to "000A", which is 10 in hexadecimal. Change this number to increase or decrease the number of objects.
Ā• The number of objects for spell items should be set to "0000".
Ā• Do not set the number of Multi Crystals greater than four. If you do, the projectile images in the game will be drawn at an offset when you fire your weapon.
Ā• Some objects and spells did not make it into the final game, and have no real purpose.

Enjoy! And of course, if you're not really comfortable messing around in ResEdit, just wait for that saved game editor!

-- Jeff

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Wow. šŸ™‚


- Neil


I recommend using a Hex Editor instead of ResEdit if you decide to do this by hand. HexEdit is a good choice. I couldn't find a link offhand, but it's out there, it's free, and it's even open-source.

I'll make a post when the editor is ready. I'm going to start adding health, mana, and gold as soon as I finish this message. When those are done, I'll start a public beta test.



Arkham wrote:
I recommend using a Hex Editor instead of ResEdit if you decide to do this by hand.

Yeah, I agree. Finding the offset in ResEdit is easy (with the Find Offset... command of course) but it took some close browsing to find where the empty slots started. Even still, it wasn't overly hard.

Can't wait to see what the editor is like! šŸ™‚

-- Jeff

The editor is out. See the new thread on it.