Wraith Type Things

You know in The Ends Of The Earth, where you encounter those seemingly invincible Habnabit Wraiths which shoot stuff at you? Apparently they can only be hurt by their own projectiles, which you can reflect back at them with your magic shield. However, I tried doing that for half an hour but to no avail. Even though they get hurt, they must have VERY high health, as I can't even kill them with the one thing they're vulnerable to.

- Neil


Hey Neil!

Don't kill them . . . just try to avoid them! :eek: I'm not sure if they can be killed or not, but I don't know of anybody who actually has killed one! :mad:

Happy Ferazel-ing!

Nif 😛


This is a real mystery to me. You get the magic shield for the purpose of reflecting the magic back at them, but if it doesn't kill them, then what's the point? It's much easier to jump and dodge the magic projectiles than it is to crouch and shield.