Easter Eggs

Anyone know of any Easter Eggs in Ferazel? If so, please tell me.

Well, for starters there's the typical Ambrosia 'x poem' brought up by hitting the X key at the main menu screen. The only thing is, it doesn't bring up a poem, rather an alert mentioning some upcoming Ferazel events/products 🙂

Secondly, if you try the standard go-to-level-x cheat with Ferazel, it will bring up an alert saying something along the lines of "Ferazel says no more cheating" (and of course that's brought up by holding down option and clicking on New Game)

Thirdly, I guess you could consider Purple Haze to be a form of easter egg. It's well hidden, and has some funny stuff in it.

That's all I can really think of at the moment.

-- Jeff