The Dig

OK, ok - so I'm not a great gamer. I can't find out what I need to do in The Dig. When I get to a point where all around me is black rock stuff - I can't break through it. I have tried fireballs, fireseeds, ice pick. everything in my inventory. A little help for an old lady would be appreciated. Thanks.



Don't feel bad - we've all suffered through "The Dig!" 🙂

You can't break through the black rock, so don't waste too much magic trying to 'cause you use alot up blasting through everything. Also, don't break off too much around the black rocks (especially on the sides) or else you'll have difficulty getting back up. Keep trying to find openings either up and down or on the sides. Best places to try are around "Death" balls (but be careful not to fall in!) and on the sides try right around the base or just above the base of the bow and arrows. There are usually openings there. Persisitence in this level and lots of blasting and jumping. Good luck, Cathy!!