Central Caverns - Red Xirchon

I know most of you are way past this level, but I need some help. I went through the level and only ended up with 62% secrets. There are two areas I can see but cannot get to. One is the room with the red xirchon and the two frogs. The other is a purple pool completely surrounded by rock. How do I get into these two places? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Since these questions have been asked a few times, I've added the answers to the Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide (see link below).

The answers are posted in the Full Version Q&A; under Central Caverns. I'm not positive I remembered how to get to the frog room correctly, so if the instructions I put up are wrong, I apologize. I'm at work and stuck on a Windoze machine so I can't check it out.


Need help? Try the (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide(/url) (http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel).

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