What do *you* call the bad guys?

I'm putting together a sort of "guide to bad guys" to be included in the Player's Guide, and I thought it'd be fun to list some of the "unofficial" names of the enemies, in addition to the real names that Ben gave them.

So, what do you call the bad guys? Ex. frog things, firebreathers, etc.


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I'm rather unimaginative when it comes to the bad guys -- they are almost all "baddies". Fish and spiders are just plain fish and spiders. Frogs are "X"-colored frogs (i.e. blue frogs), and same with "X"-colored "blobs". Then, there are "knife-throwing baddies", "rock-throwing baddies", etc. Armadillopines are "spike-shooters", and the crawly-things in the cavern levels are just "cockroaches". Then the Goblin Chief, Manditraki Warrior and Wizard, and the Fire Guardians are "big mother 'bleep'ers". I don't think I've missed any, but if I have, you get the idea, right?

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I always think of those armored dart throwing things as "spikeadillos"



Spiders and other bugs/insects are just "Damn those things!"

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Well, I can't stop calling those spikey armadillo things "Porcedillos."

Then there are green bees, fat bugs, bats, blobs, piranhas, frogs, knife-throwers, axe-swingers, rock-tossers, spiders...

And I call the gremlins "Dragons"

I typically think in terms of them as Ben has named them, where I've seen his posts to this board...As to the spirits of dead habnabits that you encounter in Ends of the Earth, I call them "wraiths". Speaking of them, can they be killed? Or is it like Creepshow; where the drowned couple comes back and says "you can't kill us, we're already dead...already dead..."


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I've always thought of the flame breathing things as Firefrogs...

...But I doubt that signifies. :rolleyes:

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My brother and I call axe goblins orcs

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