If You Can't Take the Heat... help

I just finished reading through the posts on the board and I saw one at the bottom with people frustrated with the boulder 'puzzle' near the end of the level. Well, I spent about 5 days trying to get passed that with no luck (at times I had to quit the program as fast as I could before I flipped out and smashed my monitor 🙂

But, I figured out how to beat it...by accident actually. The first thing you should do is when you get into the 'cannon' (I forgot what they're really called) don't hit any direction buttons as it shoots you out. If you do, you make latch onto the small wall in front of you. If you don't hit anything, you will land just in front of the boulder and button (that just gives you a bit more time). Now, since there's no real strategy at this point, shoot like crazy (or like one person said, use a fire seed) to clear out the blocks that you can. The ones that remain should form an L-shape (laying down...with the large part of the L on the bottom, and..well, it's hard to explain..you'll know when you see it) I could always get to that part, but I couldn't push the boulder over. If you climb up the right side, when you climb over the top, you automatically move to the left of the boulder not being able to push it to the left. The solution?

Jump onto what's left of the wall on the right, and instead of climbing over the top, just jump off of it while holding down the left direction key. This will allow you to move back towards the wall halfway through your jump. If you jump from the right position (height I guess) you will come back and hit the boulder enough to move it to the left far enough to jump (or climb) onto the ledge and push it onto the button, thus allowing access to the end of the level.

If anyone tries this, let me know if you succeeded (or if this even made any sense) Plus, if anyone has any other strategies for beating this part, I'd like to know.


I recommend fire seeds. When you are standing in ziridium brine (purple water) before the cannon, jump up and toss seeds into the cannon. You should have time to launch two or three; this will clear out several of the blocks.

Also, hold down the left key as you exit the cannon... this should keep the firewall from speeding up as much when Ferazel shoots to the right and might buy you some more time. Hope this helps 🙂


I'm amazed that any of you can remember enough about HOW you got out of that level, to write it down! 🙂

I did finish that, and the next level, but I left a LOT of stuff behind, and I'll tell you what...I'm NOT going back to get it, unless I absolutely HAVE to. (Whew!)


Actually, in Can't Stand the Heat, if you killed alot of the enemies the first time through, then it's easier to go through a second time. Plus the pillar is already up -- that's the hardest part. I've actually gone through four times and managed to get my enemies killed up to 96%, Xichrons to 98%, and secrets to 72%. It's worth it just to get the Rez Necklace and the Escape Ring. Also if you finish Fire Guardians first, then you'll have a magic object that helps when returning to Can't Stand.

I do not intend to go back to Frying Pan. That was much harder, and I didn't kill a single enemy.