I have arrived at the "wall of flames" and I now know what everyone is talking about.
My buttock is a little crispy right now!

~Christopher - signing off

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Ferazel is not quick enough, no matter how I push him, to escape that wall...because if he speeds up, so does the wall. Then, if he's at one side of the screen when the wall is at the other, I simply cannot see what is coming up. What a pain in the neck! I've been trying it with escape rings gallore, but to no avail.

What is the fastest way to break through the wall right before the first save point in "Can't Stand"? By the time I get the little guy up there and break through, the fire is on him.

Also, there must be some trick to getting that boulder on the button. A spoiler would be wonderful... any help at all. My son gets in tears over this level...so I can't let him play anymore.

Thank you in advance!


Oops! I just tried the method I had posted here and it didn't work. Luckily, I found a new one. Fire V-Blade from above and grab onto the wall as you fall. When you climb up you will be on the right side of the rock and can push it down. Hope that helps!

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