With me, when I fight Xichra I seem to go into a never ending loop, for example, I get to where she falls down every time you hit her, but then I end up using ALL my seeds on her, and this was without a miss practically.

Can someone help me?

When she falls down, you need to hit her with fire seeds quickly, before she gets back up again. That's the only way to keep hurting her.



How do you avoid the eggs when she gets mad? They hit me when I'm standing on the secret ledge.

And huge gripe: Rez necklaces not working when you really really need them

When I start the Xichara level, I have full strength and 2 rez necklaces

I got as far as getting her to start dropping eggs without needing the necklaces...then I died...and then I got the "CONTINUE" screen without reviving with the necklaces

I almost freaked!

anyone else have the problem?