Where is V-blade?

Which is level is the V-blade spell found in?

I've completed all the levels up to and I've gotten halfway through Ends of the Earth, but I haven't seen it yet..

Also, are those little spellcasters in Ends of the Earth vulnerable to anything besides their own spells?


I'm not sure. But by process of elimination, i'd say its in either the fire caves or the ruins, or the mountains.
Most likely the mountains.

Hane fun beigng fruminous!

Ah! Timon! You're dead!
No I'm not.
Yes you are! Just look!
Oh! So I am!

I don't know about the V-Blade spell, but since I've beaten the game I suppose I must have passed it up somewhere. 🙂 Help, anyone?

As for the wizard things, I couldn't find any way of killing them through any amount of spells or seeds, so eventually I just gave up and ran past them as fast as possible!


Just found the V-Blade spell; it's in Fire In The Hole.


Thanks, Rilla, I'll check in there again.


I found it, and now I know why I couldn't find it before. I started a new game and when I got to that point, the spell was waiting for me on its pedestal, where it hadn't been before. Must be a bug...

Speaking of Fire in the Hole, I'm missing the last secret. There seems to be a room just east of the small lava pit with the Walk On Lava powerup, but I have no idea how to get to it...


Send me your save file and I'll add in the VBlade for you.