Wierd Labyrinth bug?

Whenever I start from one of my saved games in the Labyrinth level, I cross a pool of acid, get to a purple pool, and meet up with a buggy monster (I don't even think it's supposed to be there. I'm not sure it was there the first time I played the level). It's one of those monsters with the scales that protect it's back and it fires spines and drops bomb thingies, but it's in grayscale instead of color. I also can't kill it. I hurt it enough for it to die and I hear the sound they make when they die, but it doesn't die. It just keeps acting quite alive, so I hurt it enough to kill another one, and I hear the sound again, but it refuses to die! Any ideas why it does this and why it is there and what I can do about it?


Yep, I know what you're talking about. It took at least three times the fire power to kill than a normal one. I don't think it's a bug. The monsters DO make sounds as you're killing them.

Keep in mind you'll need more a great deal of fire power to kill it. If you run out of energy, I think the purple pool is fairly close to you so you can recharge.


Also, you may have noticed that the gray goblins require at least twice as many hits to do them in as the plain green variety!



It's not by any means a bug. The gray armadillopines (that's what they're called) are much stronger than the regular variety. Deal with it! 🙂




Ben Spees wrote:
**It's not by any means a bug. The gray armadillopines (that's what they're called) are much stronger than the regular variety. Deal with it!:)


LOL! Sounding like the "character Ben" from Purple Haze 😉

Anyhow, I have hints for these brats if anyone would like them...

First off, use the statue spell. You weren't told it was a "very powerful spell" for no reason. Use it once (the armadillopines'...or, porcedillos as I like to call them 😄 ...need to have their heads up, armor down) then wait a couple seconds. Just before they unfreeze, fire again. Same sequence a third time, and they're dead. The exception is the grey ones do take twice as much. But it's worth it - for me at least. I've found that usually I run out of health long before I run out of magic.

Or, if you're in a hurry, freeze (statue spell) the enemy once, then throw a fire seed (or bomb berry as my son calls them) at the beast. One bomb berry will kill normal villains, two for the extra endurance types. Frogs are defeated with two casts of Statue, by the way.

Hope that helps someone; goodness knows I've used up more than my share of help on these boards! 😛

Take care!


Maybe it's obvious, but it took me a few turns at getting stabbed by those armadillopines before I realized how handy that shield of Ferazel's can be. Usually, ducking behind the shield when they're about to throw their quills and then lowering your shield and firing as soon as they uncurl will result in a dead armadillo and an alive Ferazel. 🙂


Rilla, That's a great suggestion! I had completely forgotten about the shield! Thanks for all the help people gave.