Totally stuck. How to get 20 Xcirons?

How do I get into the ice world? How do you get 20 Xciorons (However you spell it)? I'm stumped! :frown:
I'm sure you people who have almost beat the game should know where to get more. I've beaten Fire Guardians and there are no more levels! I only have 10 :frown:

Kent Sutherland

Are you wording your question correctly? The way I'm interpreting it is, "How do I get 20 Xichrons (correct spelling) overall?

In that case, all you have to do is play the first few levels - I don't see why that wouldn't be enough. They're easy to grab and the enemies aren't as bad. Get 'em here, because there's no mercy in the Labyrinth... :eek:

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How do I get into the ice world?

If you really do mean the Icy Caverns (the right side of the map), you must be missing the fact that there are two exits from Unemployed in Greenland. If you know this and were referring instead to the Lethsempl Mountains (NW on the map), read on...


How do you get 20 Xciorons (However you spell it)?

Red Xichrons are found floating in a very few hidden locations throughout the world. But typically you obtain red Xichrons by collecting 100 golden Xichrons. These are found everywhere. Each time you exit a level, you are told what percentage of the Xichrons you collected; if you need to find more, concentrate on levels in which you have a low percentage!


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Thanks! I was playing and I ran into those secondary exits in the Central Caverns and saw the Greenland one. I think I can do it now 🙂