Totally Stuck in A Scent of Peril

I am totally stuck in A Scent of Peril which is of course
Level 1.

I got a silver key but can not unlock the door.
Where is the gold key if there is one?

Any help appreciated.

I e-mailed Dave Dunham and he said there is NO hint book,
well boys and girls when I've finished with this there will be one.

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You need the silver key to unlock a chest which contains the key that will open the door. Keep heading west along the bottom part of the level. When you can go west for further, go up and then east. There will be a goblin guarding another chest which contains the key you need.


I think I saw the goblin guarding the chest but am having
a hell of time getting to him. Thanks for the info.

It's late and I'm hitting the sack will talk to this forum tomorrow.

Thanks again to Zelda.


If you're looking for spoilers on this, try going to my website (see URL below) and reading through the list of secrets for A Scent Of Peril (it's the link on the left under Demo - Secrets - Level 1). The way I did the list it's practically a walk through of the level. If you don't want to see all the secrets, scroll down to Secret 9 (I think) on the list.

Check out my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide at (url="http://"")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url)

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