Does someone have a saved game to send David Dunham

Remember the bug where the vehicles would go back to the original position after you saved a game? I reported this to David, and he asked if I could send him a saved game. I trashed the demo and all its saved games when I got the full version. (I haven't noticed whether this bug still exists in the full version, but I haven't yet gotten to "Obfuscation" in the full version.)

The problem was definitely seen in level 3 of the demo with the ferris wheeel over the long spiked passage. Does anyone have a game saved before that passage that you could send to David at If it occurs in the full version, the folks at Ambrosia might want to fix this first.

Maybe post here if you send - so David doesn't get flooded with saved games?


This is not a bug, just a limitation of the save files. They're a megabyte already, and some things there just isn't space to keep track of -- the positions of the tricycles being one example. The resetting of their positions should not negatively affect gameplay, though.