Input Devices you use?

I wanted to inquire what inout devices everyone uses to play Ferazel. What controller do you use, or do you use the keyboard?

I ask because I have a Gravis GamePad Pro USB and the InputSprockets that come with OS9, and I cannot configure it to move up and down (it;s not an enabled option). I wonder if anyone else has tried any kind of game pad and gotten it to work. Thanks for your responses!

I'm having no problems using my GamePad; it works beautifully. The left and right directions on the pad have to be set to "walk," and the up and down directions to "climb." After that it feels just like an SNES platform game. 🙂

-- JB

I just installed the new 1.7.3 GameSprockets update for MacOS 9 (via the automatic software update) and it cured my problem with my USB GamePad!

I'll be ordering this cool game now!

I recently got a Gravis Xterminator gamepad and have installed Isp 1.7.3. When I go to configure it inside Ferazel 1.0.2 all the buttons, etc. on the gamepad are displayed, but the commands I can assign to them are severely limited to walk, use item, next item and previous item. This makes the gamepad unusable. Any ideas? I've since returned the pad and have a MacAlly iShock on order. Am I going to see the same lack of functionality in this game with the new pad?

Den Giblin


deng wrote:
(B Am I going to see the same lack of functionality in this game with the new pad?

That is the exact problem that I had, and it affected both my Gravis GamePad USB and my Thustmaster Fusion USB, so I think you'll likely have the same problem with your new controller as well.

I was running InputSprockets 1.4.1 previously, and the update fixed it for me. You might try deleting your InputSprocket preferences/calibration. I didn't have any luck with that solution before, but it's worth a shot.


For any USB controller problems, I strongly recommend downloading (url="http://"")USB Overdrive(/url). It is a very well-written shareware control panel that allows you to map the buttons, wheels, and levers of any USB input device to keys on the keyboard. Better yet, the program is smart enough to enable different sets of mappings for each application and to play well with InputSprockets. In your case, deng, you would ckeck the "disable InputSprockets" box and define the buttons on your pad to emulate Ferazel's keyboard commands.
The InputSprockets update may solve your problem, but I still recommend Overdrive; I use it to make my Gravis GamePad Pro into a remote control for my DVD player and to enable functionality for the scrolling wheel on my XLR8 mouse. It's annoyware, so you can try it out with full functionality. Well worth the twenty bucks, IMHO.


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Thanks for the advice, JonBob. I briefly tried out USB OD and had some problems with my ADB mouse immediately thereafter. The iShock is advertised as being programmable, so I'm hoping that will be a cleaner solution. My benchmark of functionality has been my old Gravis Firebird joystick, which have a very good system for programming the joystick. That's why I got the Xterminator, but it ships with nothing like that.

Den Giblin


Hey Arkham-
You updated to ISp 1.7.3 and the problem with Ferazel was fixed? Good news. Anyone else having a problem uisng a gamepad with Ferazel's Wand can try the updated Input Sprocket from here:

I can be contacted privately at if the problem continues.

David Dunham / tech support / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Using my JoyPort and havin' a blast with my N64 controller!

If only it would support rumble pack, now that'd be tight...


I'm using a JoyPort USB and a N64 controller and some times a PSX Analogue controller or my Gamepad Pro to play Ferazel and they all work great. Joyport is the best!