This is...odd.

I'm certain that all of you have left Ferazel standing in one place long enough that he turned and stared at you, then raised his arms, as if to say, "are we going anytime soon?" Then he returns to his natural posture, right? But if you leave him alone for a minute or so, he'll do that about three times, and then... uh, well, you have to see it for yourself.


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Now, back to the subject at hand. I have noticed that too. I think that it is Ferazel trying to get your attention by dancing and trying to look silly. 😛 I laughed myself off of my chair when I first saw it. I hope that they keep it in the final version. 😛


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Pretty cool stuff eh? I laughed myself off my chair the first time I saw it. As I recall, Ben actually considered leaving this out of the final version.

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Same here, David. I was so amused I just had to leave him standing there to see it again. Glad Ben changed his mind. 😄

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I love doing that. If you can't just seem to figure something out, it is amusing to watch that. Go, Ferazel, go! 😉

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Remember when "Ben" asked Ferazel to dance for him? That maniacal laughter, "HAHAHA!" Ferazel's retort was a crack-up! So indignant! 😄

I've been so grumbly about the levels I've been stuck on for the past few days, I forgot to mention a thank you for that fun level. Glad Ben put that in, too!

Now, if only I didn't get the poor little guy killed every two minutes...(mutters). Were you just cackling with twisted glee ("HAHAHA!Mine!") when you decided to stick spikes on the floors and mace balls all over the place, Ben? 😛




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