Help in Parched Desert (L.7)

Help- I keep getting buried in the sand pit. Sometimes, I seem to be able to get out but I can't figure out a key combo that works consistently.



2 tips.
1: don't just sink down, climb down. It goes faster that way.
2: only press jump but if you press it like the fire key in space invaders, you'll sink. press at regular intervals about 1/2-1 sec. apart
glad to be of help

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I beat this level, but I was wondering if anyone knows why I only got 96% of the zichrons even though I got 100% of everything else. Are there any hidden zichrons in this level that ae just hard to find? I've gotten all of the obvious ones.

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Did you find the area up one of the walls that has, I believe, a red xirchon, a health potion, a teleporter back to the beginning, and maybe something else (can't quite remember)? That may or may not count for that extra percent...


Yes I did. Are there any hidden 'normal' xirchons that would account for it?