Level 2

I downloaded the Ferazel's Wand demo and just got stuck and completely confused on level 2 could anyone tell me
where i have to go or what to do?

iMacRulz in Blueberry

Where are you in level 2?

Notice that you can get extra life and magic by fireballing the little rock piles.


Just like Level 1, you have to find a key. Just search all the likely places and far corners, even underwater!

Go to Ereid's rather nice Ferazel help page at (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url) . That should help you. The best hint I can give you, without making this a long post, is to go left, and explore every nook and cranny.

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