The Habnabit Hop?

Ok, I'm sure most, if not all, of us playing Ferazel have left him standing around long enough to see him get impatient and look at you as if to say "hello, are you playing or what?" But tonight as I was playing, I stopped to take some notes for my website. Then I looked back at the screen and caught Ferazel in the middle of a little jig. Finding this rather amusing, I left him standing there for a few minutes longer and was rewarded by seeing him repeat his little dance. Seems that if you leave him standing around he goes through this cycle of looking at you impatiently three times then dancing a bit. Amusing, no? Well I thought it was. 🙂


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LOL! That's cool! For the full version they should incorperate a jump and heel click. 🙂

Yes, I noticed that. I found it rather amusing...

I come, I go; You'll never know...

-Admiral Dennis