I downloaded the Ferazel demo within three hours after it originally appeared on Ambrosia's website, and purchased the full version within an hour after it was complete.

The e-mail notification I received stated that it will begin shipping the week of January 17.

In my time zone (and the one utilized by the headquarters of Ambrosia Software), that week has begun. To that end, I simply ask, "all right. When will it be shipped?"

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Man, you are seriously impatient! It's 9:51 AM Eastern Time (Ambrosia is in New York apparently). At best, it would ship today. However, it's Martin Luther King Day, so they may have the day off. Even if they don't, if you chose standard shipping then the people shipping the software (USPS, UPS, Fedex) will not be operating at full capacity today.

The CDs haven't come in yet. There were a couple of hitches in the duplication process, but they are expected around the end of this week. As soon as we get them in, we'll send them off to everyone who's ordered one. Hang on, it shouldn't be much longer!


To all:

What? You actually thought that they would meet expectations? Consider this: remember the last time they were right on target with their deadlines. I will be waiting for an answer. 😉

I was wondering if the "central scrutinizer" would be responding at all to the "bugs" thread?


I'm pretty sure that Ambrosia reads these boards pretty religiously...but if you want to be absolutely sure, you ought to send a bug report to either Ben@ambrosiasw.com or help@ambrosiasw.com. You'll probably get an answer. 🙂


Thanks, Zelda-

If the Ambrosia folks read the forum bug reports< I don't want to "bug" them with extra email. I was hoping my full game CD would come today - for the weekend - boo hoo! Maybe in tomorrow's mail?


The CD's are being sent out on Wedn 1/26/2000.



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