Still can't find Sabre fighters in Empire of Crime!


Once, I posted a thread where I asked how to find Mod-Rapier fighters, Sabre fighters for the Sabre bay, and Nuclear Rockets. In the Empire of Crime plug-in. Just to clarify: yes, the plug-in I am playing now is Empire of Crime.

DarthKev suggested that:

If you're certain those are all pirate tech, try each pirate faction's HQ stellar. They should have all of that faction's outfits available there, including nukes and fighters. If you don't find them there, try the HQs of other factions.(..)

I have now seen ALL pirate factions headquarters. Serpens Triumvirates, K'Rali Syndicates, Mafias, and Darksider Factions. There is even a system called Cartel. I guess this is the Subnebula Cartel government from Brotherhood of the Kestrel. Yet the government for that system is Indy Pirate factions.

And I did also look at the headquarters of the Weave, and the Terrans, and the Sauridians.

In fact, I looked at ALL Mafia planets and ALL Pirate planets... those that existed even in the game itself.

I explored the whole galaxy... and found all systems.

Here are the results:

None of the five Pirate factions headquarters I mention in the first paragraph had Sabres. At least I found out that Nuclear Rockets can be found at Mafia Reqional HQ. And at the K'Rali headquarters too (Kr'Shar'Ch). And at Luna (not Terran HQ!) Brassard Starport (not Weave HQ!) and Refuge (I don't know what this should be called. It is the only planet Serpens Triumvirate has with a high tech level).

So... the Nuclear Rockets were not avaible at headquarters for Terrans and Weave. But rather at high-tech ones: Luna is the logical choice in Empire plug-ins, as the Terrans best outfits are always there. Same for Brassard Station, it is most high-tech of Weave planets.

Weave, Terran, and Sauridian headquarters had such bad outfits I don't even remember what they had. Yes, that means certainly none of the three had the outfits I wanted to find.

I found out that Mod-Rapiers can be bought at Jeunes World. And that was the first time I felt good after exploring. I had found rare outfits - outfits that were actually so good they weren't avaible elsewhere. Or at least, I hadn't seen them anywhere else at that point. I think the point of exploring is to find the best outfits - those you can't find anywhere else, and are only avaible on Pirate planets in that plug-in. And the best ships, should such a ship happen to be at a Pirate planet.

And since Jeunes World mentions that you can buy the best Mafia outfits only there and on Evildrome, I went there. It had... also the Mod-Rapiers.

I found the Nuclear Rocket launcher at Scrap'narn Starport (or however the apostrophes went. They are difficult to write correctly).

I went to New Antigua, and Pirate's Cove, and Privateers Haven... and still didn't find the Sabre.

Same thing for all other Mafia planets than Jeunes World and Mafia Regional HQ.

I went to the Atinoda planet in Farazon... and still didn't find the Sabre.

And I did already go to the highest-tech planets in the galaxy. I think I have no hope of ever finding the planet that sells Sabre fighters for the bay.

Except that I already had a pair of Sabre fighters in my weapons list. That means they must be for sale somewhere. Because otherwise I couldn't have bought them.

I now have- unless some one call tell me where the Sabre ship itself is sold- only rather hard options left:

1. Look at the TechLevels of ALL planets. And the SpecialTech of all planets. Maybe one has 5013, which is what Sabres TechLevel is. Then go to that planet.

2. Change the plug-in itself. I can make a planet have a TechLevel of 5013. Or I can make the Sabre outfit- and bay- have a such a low TechLevel it becomes avaible on more planets.

Worse, the Sabre as a ship, not as a fighter, must be for sale because in Watch Holo-vid is a text that boasts: unprecedented firepower! meaning the Sabre.

Hmm, I think I should try to find if the ship is for sale somewhere? That way I could also find the Sabre bay.

P.S. If I at least knew the plug-in corporation that sold the Sabre ship.

Edit: I added the clarification I am indeed playing the Empire of Crime plug-in.

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I E-Mailed Tim Isles, creator of this plug-in.

He told me that I can find the Sabre bay at Maskirovka Station, and here's how to find it: Maskirovka Station should be in the Levo system next to Vulcan.

I don't know if that is useful to people on this forum though... has anybody ever played or is playing now this plug-in?

Could people on this forum post in this thread telling me if this information is useful?