Kestrel Subassemblies

I remember finding the disabled freighter of Kestrel parts years ago... what systems can I find it in? I forget. And if you happen to know the percentages, great.

Edit: Just FYI, I'm running the EV Classic plug on the Nova Engine.

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Assuming no changes were made in the port, it seems it can appear anywhere, and is generated through the usual përs system, so no fixed percentages. You’re looking for a bulk freighter called ‘Derelict Freighter’, but it’s quite rare.

Thanks David. I appreciate that.

I looked at the data files for a answer. I have a question for David Arthur, and some additional info for Avi Kerensky.

I got to see the Derelict Freighter so long ago I don't remember when it was. Lots of years, I think. It was a in a Confed system. Maybe it only shows up in those? I have seen it only once in all years I've played EV (I played it actively for at least 7 years, and I know I played only the original game itself for a long time, without plugins).
Is it possible to get the mission again? Yes, that sencetence was my question to David Arthur. The pers says, in the LinkSyst field, 9999.
The Override Bible says:

Which systems the person can be created in

9999-10127 Any system belonging to this specific government

Except that does not give a me a way to determine this government. So I don't know if David Arthur is right when he says it can appear anywhere.

Here is the additional info for Avi:

There is a combat rating reguired. It is 1600, which is Noteworthy. That's a rather big combat rating required, for the first EV. I looked at Destroy Alien Cruiser and T.A.G - You're It, and they don't require any ratings. Even if these are the hardest missions in the game.

The only that would be anything as hard would be the mission where you have to disable a Bulk Freighter for the Confeds to get the back the Particle Beam. Then there is the one that features a Confed Cruiser when you leave the station. The last Astrodyne Outpost mission. Do combat ratings mean anything? That is, in the first game. I thought they would measure how hard a mission is.

You're paid 1 milllion credits. Few missions pay that much.

You're required to have 20 tons of cargo space free

Then there is more things:

You will get a negative legal status (meaning the legal status reward) if you do this with the Confeds, -10.

There is 2 AuxShips (auxiliary ships). The dude for it is Confed Warships, which means you could get chased by 2 Confed Cruisers! That would be harder than any mission in the game short of the Alien Cruiser. I wonder if you would make it alive from the attack of 2 Confed Cruisers- even if you just have to avoid them.

More stuff, which I didn't understand. Does David Arthur know why?

The pers Derelict Freighter gives you 25640 credits. Except you can't board it because you get a mission. What is the point of credits then?

The pers has a ShieldMod of 150. Why have a ShieldMod for something that is disabled?

The mission has Flags $0150 and the pers has Flags $1700. Except what they mean is not mentioned in the Override Bible. Do they mean anything for the mission and pers (such as the Flags that are mentioned in the Override Bible), or do they mean nothing?

Edit- the Override Bible says about perses: When ships are created, there is a 5% chance that a specific AI-person will also be created.

So does it really be that there is no fixed percentages? How can I know the chance of the mission if it's not 5%? Can I reset the possiblity of getting the Bulk Freighter by jumping out from the system and in again?(When ships are created, there is a 5% chance that a specific AI-person will also be created)

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Except that does not give a me a way to determine this government. So I don't know if David Arthur is right when he says it can appear anywhere.

I seem to have misread the resource: the ship can appear in any independent system.

This particular ship is set so that once you accept its mission, it will never appear again, but just seeing and ignoring it won’t have any effect. Ships are re-generated every time you jump, so the more jumps you make, the more likely you are to see a given përs ship.

I have no idea why Matt bothered giving enhanced shields to a ship that starts disabled, but I think the credits might be available if you board it without meeting the requirements for the mission. Once you find the ship, its mission should be available 100% of the time provided that you meet its requirements.

Note that while completing the mission reduces your legal status, aborting it increases your status by five times as much.

Good information to have. Thanks, guys.

couldnt believe it when I was playing evc (nova plugin) on Saturday afternoon flying through Levo when I ran into the derelict bulk freighter with kestrel parts after reading this thread days earlier!
when you get them youre asked to go to bkackthorne, where youre paid 1million credits and get a 25% discount off kestrels bought from there in the future and the ship specification and description changes "built from parts found on a derelict this isnt quite upto the usual spec" - had a quick peak and it doesnt come with any fighters, prob some other stuff missing I dont know about though too.
what are the odds!?!

Nice. 🙂

How far were you in the game? What ship did you have?

Did you read my replies? You said you read this thread.

I guess 1 million is not much if you if you found the derelict when you started a new pilot(a new pilot starts in Levo). After that, it depends. If you have less than the Kestrel costs, I guess 1 million might just give you enough to buy it or help you get it.

It is indeed 25%. I checked and it was that. I remembered it was 6 million (funny, I have never seen the ship, yet a memory of mine has the cost under a shipyard picture...).

I thought specification meant the ship name, but now when I think, it must be the statistics.

I went to find the ship description. In desc 2024, it says:

The Atinoda Kestrel is the most powerful ship available to civilians. In addition to its already formidable complement of weaponry, this sleek, black vessel carries a pair of Lightning fighter-bombers; this combination is the reason the Kestrel is classified as an escort frigate. Kestrels are manufactured here from subassemblies captured from a disabled freighter, and are discounted twenty percent off the regular price. Unfortunately, they arenÕt(sic) quite up to the Atinoda specs...

Apparently, the ' character got messed up when saving the file in SimpleText and then using HFVExplorer to move the file to Windows (Vista). I decided to put keep the description in exact original format, including the corrupted character. I so rarely get use sic! Or would someone prefer that I fixed it?

Has someone seen the description before except this person? I did the same as here: http://www.ambrosias...howtopic=131417 to bring descriptions that have been never seen before. Or at least in this case, that I think have never been seen before because I haven't seen but this person mention he has seen it. It might also be that someones have seen it before (in the game), but I have never seen this description posted on this forum. Rarest of all things in EV it is anyway when we think of everything that has been on this forum. (I searched the forum with no less thsn 3 different words, and found no thread containing the description...)

It comes with less shields too. 105 instead of 130. It comes with 6 Missiles instead of 10. Otherwise no other difference than the fighters.

The price? 7.5 million credits.

I don't think the odds of finding it at Levo are particularly good, if you have a new pilot. Otherwise it's 5%.

P.S. How about me making a plug-in to fix the desc? It's discount is 25% not 20% (it would cost 8 million with 20% discount). And for not being up to the Atinoida standard, it isn't so much worse it isn't "quite up". I just need instruction on what I must do when submitting to Add-ons (it was on the Nova board). Hope there's actual insructions on where I have to go, which webpage, aswell. And what I have to press on that webpage.

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There, hit 'Submit A File.' And then you follow the directions. Fairly simple. I'm somewhat versed in File Modding, so if you have a question, feel free to ask.

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will post up details tomorrow General, and a screenshot when Im on a pc, rather than smart phone 🙂

Posted Image

Here's a screen shot. I was flying a corvette at the time, with combat rating 'dangerous', I don't know how far along throught he game i am but i was in the midst of doing the Rebel storyline where you have to collect Munitions from Clotho Prime and distribute them around the rest of the galaxy. On my way back from one of the missions i went through levo and there it was! It helped quite a bit actually as i had a net value of about 6 million credits so the million + 25% discount just about got me the kestrel! 🙂 Hope that helps.