iPad EV

Okay, so I used to play EV religiously Back in college on a Mac and later on, bought it for the PC when I discovered it was available on That platform. I see that AmbrosiaSW has some games for the iOS.... But what about bringing back an old classic like Escape Velocity to the iPad?

Please? Pretty Please?


I doubt that will happen, but there are/will be other alternatives, I'd imagine.

EV would be difficult on iOS, even on an iPad, there are way too many things to coordinate. You could, theoretically, use gestures to differentiate between these, but that might make gameplay thoroughly confusing (imagine trying to hail a ship and accidentally using the wrong gesture, causing you to open fire at it).

However, there are other Ambrosia classics that might be better suited for iOS, i.e. Apeiron, Barrack, Mars/Deimos Rising, etc.

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