"Face of the Enemy"

EV Title Music

I always thought that this question would never be answered, until I came across the topic by chance today. Apparently I can find the full song at http://www.killerson...ry/catalog?id=3

But I cannot enter that site. I don't know if it doesn't exist, or it just doesn't like me... But I do know that somebody here downloaded the song and saved it to a music library.

Could someone host the file and post it, or email it to Insomniac2@sbcglobal.net?

Thanks in advance.

You know you can just open the "Nova Music" file in iTunes or WMP or whatever.

Yeah, if I wanted Mars, bringer of war by Carl Orff.

This is the EVC forum. 🙂

Oh, thats what you meant.
Lol, I goofed.

download the mac_evnova_classic plugin in the Nova essentials section, in the plugin folder it has "Nova music" open it in Quicktime or iTunes.
If thats not Face of the Enemy, sorry.

I think it might be, but not the whole thing.

I might be mistaken but I'd rather not find out the hard way.

Click for great justice.

And BTW, "Mars" is by Holst, not Orff.

Regulus, on Nov 28 2005, 02:31 AM, said:

Click for great justice.

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Thanks man. That song is cool.

Regulus, on Nov 28 2005, 02:31 AM, said:

And BTW, "Mars" is by Holst, not Orff.
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I feel shame. 😞

Heh, Orff.

Orff wrote some seriously hard stuff to play. Definitely.

antihero, on Nov 28 2005, 03:26 PM, said:

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Well, that saves me the task of converting it. Thanks.

Alright, so this is a SERIOUSLY old topic, but, as those above have said before, I was looking for this song and google led me here, now I am curious and confused, the song is named, "Face of the Enemy", but one question remains:

Does anyone know who wrote this?

There was some brief discussion earlier in this thread but it looks related to EVN, and moderate searching on wikipedia for artists under that name don't reveal one who wrote "Face of the Enemy".

Again, sorry for the Necroing of this thread,

Welcome to the boards!

‘Face of the Enemy’ and ‘Larry’s Orchestral Adventure’ (the theme music to EV Override ) were both written by Larry Wolff for Killer Tracks. They’re clip-music, so you may occasionally hear them in other places as well.

Thankyou very much 🙂

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