Vell-os Storyline Stuck!

Hey guys

Not sure if this is the right board (please move if it isn't)

Ive been doing the vell-os storyline and im now at the part that I got my vell-os dart

(Vell-os 16 (199): Return With Response is the last mission i did)

(Been looking trought some guides couldnt find the awnser)

I am now supposed to get either: "Generic misn delay cron (221)" or "Vell-os 17 (318): Deliver Instructions"

But I don't get anything anywere and now im stuck in a dart...!?!? please help

Is the guide im using

Anyways thanks for your time and effort

Best regards

Rick van den Berg

After flying around doing loads of traitor mission thingies I finaly got the next mission from Viking..

strange but hey I finaly got it!

Thx anyways

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