EVGE plugin for EV Nova?

Hello good people,

I hope this is the right place for discussion of the Classic plugin for EV Nova.

I used to play EV on my Mac a long time ago. Recently I discovered the existence of Nova and bought it for my PC, looking forward to using the plugins to play Classic and Override (I had played Override a bit on my Mac back in the day but never finished it).

I have been playing Classic and enjoying the nostalgia despite the usual problem (see Google: ' Results 1 - 10 of about 23,000 for "escape velocity" and "stuck" '). Could not complete the Confed string despite an Ultimate combat rating, getting the particle beam, and killing hundreds of pirates and Rebel ships to boost my legal status (which never goes above Good Egg regardless of how many hours I spend killing enemies of the Confederation).

I did notice a peculiar bug in the Classic plugin. While waiting (and waiting and waiting) to be offered the rest of the Confed missions, out of boredom I started dominating all the Independent systems. Eventually my kestrel was being pursued by endless bounty hunters. This stopped when I captured a Rebel destroyer and started flying it. Since the Confeds always shot at me on sight in the destroyer, I switched back to a kestrel. The Confeds stopped shooting at me, as I expected. Oddly, however, the bounty hunters never reappeared. Also, pirate fleets don't appear either anymore, even when I hire six freighters as bait.

I eventually got tired of waiting to be offered the Aliens mission line, and moved on to Override which I am playing now. What I really wish I was doing though was playing the Escape Velocity Game Expander plugin for Classic. Is there such a thing that can be used with Nova somehow? Is there hope of it ever appearing? I really loved that plugin (and the Star Wars one) and played them both to death. Override just doesn't grab me for some reason.

Is there a list anywhere of the Classic plugins (if any) which have been ported to Nova?

Thanks for any info.

You should be able to either a) convert the EVGE plug to work (forget how that's done… program to do it - should be called SpacePort) or B) install EVC for EVN and run the plug through that. You might still have to convert it - I'm not sure.

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