getting the alien missions

fixed - my mistake

Hey guys... I'm having trouble getting the 'investigate dissapearances' mission that is the start of the alien finale.

Playing the EV Classic for Nova 1.0.1 for windows.

I've done the confed misn string. From what I can tell with EV Edit, I have to pick up the mission from a rebel planet...

Is there a way to get the rebels to like me without falling out with the confeds?

I think that I can blast away at pirates... but do you have to be in a rebel system for this to have an effect.



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Ok guys, don't worry...

the Confed alien string is from confed systems... (gah)... I just hadn't managed to pick it up (even though it had A 25% chance). Perhaps I was under one of the combat / rating requirements.
I blame jet lag... misreading the missions in ev edit.

collected the mission with evnew., and reset the data file.

And (of course), I didn't think about checking out a pilotlog till afterwards.

Glad you figured it out. 🙂


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