EV Classic for Nova 1.1

Out now!

As promised, the updated port has been released now that Nova 1.1 is out 🙂

There have been extensive changes in this version. Here are some of the highlights:
- An automated installer for Mac users is now included.
- A PDF of Escape Velocity's original documentation is now included.
- The defunct Flash Intro has been replaced with an MPEG-4 video.
- The intro music is now higher quality.

Grab it from the link in my sig.

Changes from the beta:
- Fixed nine text errors (thanks MartiNZ)
- Updated installer app

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OS X 10.4.11
G4 1.25 GHz


I ran the scripts, stuff happened, and the program ran EVC for EVN 1.1. I didn't load a new pilot, but I suspect that it'll work, but I would like to know where the files for EVC went and why you recommended holding down shift for picking a folder to load Nova from. I think I'm a bit sketchy on these parts, but I'm trying to figure out how to get Nova to work with CTC and other TCs.

Edit: Clarified.

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To install a TC, put it in a folder called "Nova Files" at ~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova. Plugins and Pilots go in the Plugins and Pilots folders. Debuglogs and pilotlogs go in the EV Nova folder, no subfolders.

Yup, found that out all on my own. 🙂

Also, because I loved the old format of having the pilots and plugs and everything in the same folder, I put EVN 1.1 in my old Nova's folder (renamed) and added an alias to my Application support EV Nova folder so it doesn't look too different, and I can still swap out my scenarios and odd plugins like I did before. 🙂

Yeah, I keep an alias to the app support folder too. Tip: Inside the application bundle you can find a cool Nova folder icon.

Thanks for testing Jaca! I think you've got everything figured out now but in case not I'll point out that the files for EVC didn't move anywhere. There is no 'installation' other than the font - it's just decode and run 🙂

Oh, so making a pilot would put it in the Pilots folder of the folder I unzipped. (theoretically, I've moved the files now so I can't find out anymore.)

Well the port doesn't come with a Pilots folder but Nova will create it when you first run the app. But yeah, everything is contained in that folder. Nothing resides in app support or anywhere else, the app just tells Nova to use that folder and away it goes. You can put it where you like - if you want to keep all your stuff in app support then feel free (I do but since it's entirely unnecessary I did not make the app do it for you).

Hm, would it be a good idea to include empty Pilots/Plug-Ins folders with the port? Just so that users can see where they go before they run the app for the first time.

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I will download this now. Back later with my report.


Specs: Unibody MacBook Pro, etc.

Does the app work: Flawlessly

Intro: Yep

Other: rEV Beta works so far as tested.

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system: MacBook Pro, 2.4 gHz Intel Penryn dual-core processor, Mac OS X 10.5.6 (exactly the same as Geek, haha)

does the app work: perfectly

does the movie work: yes.

Thanks daowei 🙂
I may finish up this beta tomorrow.

1.1 final has been released :). See first post.

Ooooh! Yay! I want to play now! Unfortunately I won't be able to DL for a few days, when I can access a faster connection (I still have dial up).

Well i just downloaded EV Classic 1.1 and it works great!

Computer: 2002 G4 iMac , 800MHz G4 processor , 32Mb Graphics Card , 768Mb RAM.

Operating System: MAC OS X 10.4.11

Does the App work: Great

Is the intro smooth: Yes , perfectly.

Intro music: Much better than before.

Other: Escape Velocity is wonderfully smooth at 80 to 120 FPS. Great job Guy! 🙂

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Computer?: 2.21GHz; 2.0Gb RAM; 256Mb Nvidia 8600GT

Operating System?: Win XP w/SP3

Application work?: Yes, perfectly.

Introduction smooth?: Completely.

Introduction music?: Sounds great.

Other?: Easy to set-up, and I've played it a bit with not a single problem.

Awesome job! 🙂

Application works? The little app is Mac only so you don't get to say 😛
Thanks for the report though, good to hear 🙂

@guy, on Feb 1 2009, 10:55 PM, said in EV Classic for Nova 1.1:

Application works? The little app is Mac only so you don't get to say 😛
Thanks for the report though, good to hear 🙂

Heh, thought that question was about the program itself... nvm then.

Still though, it's really cool to see the original EV still alive and kicking. 🙂

Quick question: Is the shield capacitor supposed to give such a small increase?

It seems to me that they might only be adding 15* points to shields ; which isn't a whole lot when even scouts start with 300...

I'm guessing that because 15 is the number in the description, and from pure 'eye-balling' of the shield bar after purchase it looks to be about right.

Yeah, it does seem pretty useless but the value is correct I'm afraid.

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