Official Port Plugin?

Hi guys, I don't frequent the board much but I've been a fan of EV since I played a demo of the original on my friend's apple way back when. 🙂

Anyway, I know that Guy has some updated EV Nova ports up for Classic and Override, but I was wondering where the official versions of those plugins got to? I´m struggling to find them in the huge list of add-ons on Ambrosia, are they still there? If so what are their titles? That way I can list them alphabetically and find them.


What do you mean by "official" ports?

He means the buggy ports that were done by Wootware, which Guy took and patched up.

Don't know why you'd want those...

@jacabyte, on Jan 23 2009, 11:44 PM, said in Official Port Plugin?:

He means the buggy ports that were done by Wootware . . .

DrRalph started them, and wrote the PortAuthority with which they were performed, but I think it was Soviet mikee that produced the version that was ultimately produced.

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