ClaviusAndBeyond 3.33

I got interested in this plug originally with it's Nova Escape Velocity Classic conversion. That plug seamed very buggy but I loved it. To see how the old game worked and to see if the original plug worked better than the Nova conversion I dusted off my old Mac downloaded Escape Velocity and paid Ambrosia an additional royalty (they deserve it for the amount of time I play the EVC and Nova. I have enjoyed seeing the differences in play between Nova and Classic.

For Clavius and Beyond though I could only find a sanitized 3.2s version on the plug in list. Im 46 so I can handle the adult content but the original places to get 3.33 of course no longer work or exist.

Anyone have a copy they could email me or a place I could download it?

Clavius is a great plug. Definitely one of my favorites from back in the day.

I don't have version 3.33, but I have 3.32 (adult content included). You can download it here.

Enjoy! 🙂

Clavius is pretty neat, i'll say

I have 3.33 but 3.3 and onwards built on 3.2s, not 3.2, so there actually is no 'non-s' version after 3.2 (I think you'll find the version Destroyer E posted has just as much adult content as 3.2s). Maybe I should upload 3.33 to the addons sometime but in the meantime I'll host it here. (edit) Now on the EV addons.
If you want the adult content you'll have to look for an old version but good luck with that...

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