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We've made available a sample plugin for Pillars of Garendall. While I realize this is putting the cart in front of the horse a bit (most people haven't even finished downloading Pillars of Garendall, let alone gotten very far in the game) -- nevertheless, it's an interesting little demo.

You can download it here:

Here's the "Read Me" file that comes with the plugin.


Techno Plugin Read Me

Techno Plugin is a sample Plugin for Pillars of Garendall, created using the Coldstone Game Editor (which was also used to create Pillars of Garendall itself). While the plugin doesn't do anything particularly useful, it is kinda neat, and shows off a tiny bit of what can be done with the powerful plugin system.

You must have the full version of Pillars of Garendall, and Pillars of Garendall must be registered for plugins to be functional.

Any part of Pillars of Garendall (or any game created with Coldstone, for that matter) can be extended or supplanted by a plugin. This allows you to add anything from a new magic sword, to an entire new village and plotline, just by dropping a folder into your Plugins folder.

To install the Techno Plugin, drag the folder "Techno Plugin" (not its contents, the entire folder) into your "Plugins" folder. When you start up Pillars of Garendall, a list of plugins will be presented to you; check the "Techno Plugin" checkbox to enable the Techno Plugin.

So after all of this suspense, what does the Techno Plugin do? Hit the 0 (zero) key on your keyboard while you're playing PoG to find out (hit the 0 key again to return to your game).

Enjoy! You'll likely be seeing some much more useful and interesting plugins for Pillars of Garendall soon!

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does any one use this plug-in to pitch their tent? its a nice little oasis. saves money on potions and you can go there even in battle (this reloads random monsters)

its a kinda small and smells like chemicals but the hum of machinery lulls you to sleep.

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Judging by the fact that it doesn't have anything in it's resource fork, I'm guessing it's meant to work with the PC version of PoG as well?

So, that brings up a question; if you choose to make your game exclusively Mac-only, will CS load things into the file's data fork only, or both the rescource fork and data fork?
Because I'm thinking it would be more efficient for those mac-only games if parts of the data could be put in the rescource fork(ie, PICTs, cicns, STR#s, etc.).