Rebellion Story Missions

Need help finding 'em

Hi there, y'all.

So, I'm playing EVC via Nova and would like to find the Rebellion story missions. I got the first one, gettign approached by a Rebel officer in a Bar... can't remember what system. (I was, I beleive acting as a courier delivering stuff to Dune), but I haven't been able to find one since! I haven't taken any Confederation missions in fact.. I stay away from Confederation worlds in general.

So, what I would like to know is where do I go? What world, if there is a specific world, do I receive the missions on? Are there things I need to do before I'll get another?

If it matters, my combat rating is Fair and most of the coreward Confederation worlds pretty much hate me.

I don't believe there are any Rebellion strings that require you to be on a specific planet; all of the Rebellion worlds are pretty much interchangeable. There will be a mission string or two that requires you to head to Palshife, but that's only after you get the first mission from a random Rebellion spob.

At this point, I'd recommend upping your combat rating and getting the Rebellion to like you more. One good way to do this is to hunt pirates north of Spica. And of course, if you see a Confed ship that you can kill, kill it!

Welcome to the boards, Dionysus. Pretty much what Derakon said. Your pilot rating needs to be higher. Head to Palshife and start killing Confed or pirate ships around that system. It will boost both your standing with them and your pilot rating. If you're concerned about your standing with the Confed planets, head down to Pirate's Haven where you can buy a special card to fix that. Make sure you have a lot of money. I think it's like two million credits?

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