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credits, credits, credits...

Post some tips on how to earn credits easy. Tell what diplomacy you are, and your tip.

Huge resource on earning credits and other stuff (like how to make plugs) can be found here.

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Hopefully you are asking about classic EV. Nova is a few forums down.

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Huge resource on earning credits and other stuff (like how to make plugs) can be found here.

Hey! How long has THAT been there? 😉


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Although this is a good way to earn credits, it's not my choice of method for earlier in the game. I only utilize it later in the game in order to max out my credits. I gets six cruiser escorts and 27 deployed fighters(patrol ships,mantas,lightneens) With that fleet of 34, including yourself, about 17 days pass each time you land multiplied by 159,000 credits per day, if you have all the systems dominated.

Here's where I see two major fallacies:
1.) Capturing six cruisers is not easy. At all. Even in a Confederate Cruiser your chances are still slim. And under these circumstances, you'd have to capture the Confed Cruiser as your ship in the first place. You can't simply just get them.
2.) The fighters of your escorts do not benefit you here (if that is what you are referring to). Whenever I've been lucky enough to capture a ship that has escorts, if the fighters were deployed and I enter hyperspace, they do not jump along. They seem to enter a confused, fluxed state instead. They remain in the system, moving in an odd sort of way. Therefore, they are of no help. Hypothetically, even if you were able to use them in this fashion, getting your escorts to deploy them would not be easy. You'd need to be jumping around in systems that hate you. Even if this happens, the chance of the fighters being destroyed in battle before you can jump is pretty high.
If you are referring to your own fighters, however, you still have a fallacy. Under normal, yet very lucky, circumstances, one can only have a max of eight fighters in their bays. Hypothetically, if you could pull of capturing a Confed Cruiser, then you'd start with six Patrol Ship fighters. Then, you'd be able to only get two more fighters through buying Hawks.
Under more abnormal circumstances, if you disabled another Confed Cruiser fast enough, then you'd be able to take its fighters. The problems here though, are in the actual taking of the fighters. By the time you disable the other Cruiser, there's a good chance most of its fighters have been deployed. Even if you manage to prevent a few from being deployed, you still have to take a chance at which weapon the game selects for you to be able to plunder. Furthermore, in an attempt to plunder the fighters, you could pull an "Oops" and set off the ships self-destruct.
Therefore, capturing fighters through this method (or even with my other method with the Kestrels) is extremely difficult.

Also, in the time it would take to get the combat status, a ship powerful enough to stand a chance in a takeover, and the actual takeovers (these things take a while), you could have probably set up a decent trade route with an Argosy somewhere, or have gotten involved with UGE.

I do agree that taking over planets gets easy money, but it's not my style.

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Well, dominating planets is hands down the fastest way to earn credits..

Yes, the money comes in without you having to do anything other than take out the defense fleet. But, fast? Dominating planets is time consuming. And tedious.


4)The four pirate systems dominated will give you 10,000(give or take a few) credits a day.

This doesn't seem like a lot when I can just go into a pirate system and disable and loot Corvettes for at least 50,000 and Kestrels for around 100,000. Plus I can take cargo or fuel or ammo.


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Wait. I didn't say that? 😛

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I have a way of earning credits. Pirating is a good way to go. I don't know if anyone mentioned it already, but if you want to earn "fast money", go the the pirate system on the far left side of the galaxy (I don't remember the name). If you have a good weapon and a fast ship (even if it is a weak ship), you can use the "leading tactic" to kill argosys and maybe even corvettes and the like. You even get the occasional kestrel. You don't have to land on the pirate station, but land on it every once in a while. That's another thing. Whenever you have the chance, take the javelins of ships and sell them. Them make you a little extra cash on the side. 😉

Edit: By the way, if you capture planets, buy a slow jumping ship like an argosy or kestrel. They take three days to jump every time you jump. Better way to make money fast. The max credits i made in the game once I was owning most everything was 146 million credits (no joke). (I'll try to get proof if you don't believe).

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  1. Obtain Six high-cargo escorts (Capture Bulk Frieghters, for instance).

  2. Go to Rupert in the system Persephone. Land. Buy lots of Food.

  3. Go one system over to Alkaid and sell off food. Buy Equipment.

  4. Return to Persephone and sell Equipment.

  5. Rinse & Repeat.

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Do my sent PM's just go away after I send them or can I read them? I'm wondering because I was PMed about my quick credits method (the one I've been meaning to post) and I wrote a message explaining it and now I can't find it so that I can post it rather than typing it all over again.

If you haven't already figured it out: right above the three buttons that say Send Message, Preview Message and Save (Send Later) are options to Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder, and Track this message.

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